An informed customer is a happy customer. Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions and helpful links to other information on our website.

Question:  Who do I contact about warranties, repairs, and and complaints?

Answer: Endoplus.  Contact Endoplus at 800-236-5972 or email orders@endoplususa.com and request an RGA (Return Good Authorization) Number.  Any 3rd party repair voids the device’s warranty. All devices returned for repair must be accompanied by an Endoplus issued RGA Number and a completed RGA Safety Form on the outside of the box.


Question:  Can Endoplus modular laparoscopic instruments be sterilized fully assembled?

Answer:  Yes.  HERE is a link to the Endoplus Modular IFU (Instructions for Use), which states, “Handle Assemblies may be sterilized with the insert installed.”


Question:  If Endoplus modular devices are sterilized with the insert installed, can those devices then be disassembled in the OR?

Answer:  Yes.  Endoplus can make this claim having validated the sterilization processes in our IFU (Instructions for Use).


Question:  Is Endoplus the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

Answer:  Yes.  Endoplus designs, manufactures, assembles, labels, and ships from our Mundelein, Illinois facility.


Question:  Why have I never heard of Endoplus? 

Answer:   Perhaps because the majority of medical devices that Endoplus manufactures are etched with other companies’ Logos and Catalog Numbers.  Endoplus also both a private label and contract manufacturer of medical devices for other major medical device manufacturers.


Question:  Where can I get the brushes used to clean the interior lumen?

Answer:   You may purchase the following brush from IMS          

  • Part  #:00913304
  • Gemini – double ended – Channel Brush
  • Length: 90cm long
  • Manufacturer:  US Endoscopy


Question:  Who is my Endoplus sales representative?

Answer:  Contact Endoplus at 800-236-5972 or orders@endoplususa.com, and we will put you in contact.


Question:  Can I schedule a trial of Endoplus lap instruments?

Answer:   Yes.  Contact Endoplus at 800-236-5972 or orders@endoplususa.com


Question: Are Endoplus devices returnable?

Answer: Due to their customization, Endoplus devices are not returnable for any reason except for repair.


Question: How does Endoplus handle complaints?

Answer: Endoplus follows a robust process that begins with issuing an RGA number and ending with customer satisfaction.