Modular Laparoscopic Instruments

How to select a Modular Device:

Step 1: Select your insert by choosing the desired Insert Jaw Pattern

Step 2: Once you have chosen your insert jaw pattern, a drop down will prompt you for either Standard or Bariatric length

Step 3: Add to quote

Step 4: Add a compatible handle  from our Modular handles to quote


For more information about our Modular line, see below.


  1. Brush Access Port allows a brush to be passed through the entire length of the interior lumen for cleaning prior to sterilization
  2. Spring-loaded movable handle allows for easy insert installation and handle cleaning in SPD
  3. Fully capable of handling monopolar electrosurgical energy.  Tested to most current IEC safety standards for monopolar accessories
  4. Luer port allows for easy flushing of device
  5. Molded human interfaces provide increased ergonomic feel when compared to traditional stainless steel instrumentation
  6. Intuitive, easy-to-use trigger driven ratchet system
  7. Highly durable and abrasion resistant PEEK insulation
  8. Validated to be sterilized fully assembled (as shown)
  9. Compatible with all AdvantageLine Inserts, including Scissor Inserts


Endoplus Modular Laparoscopic Medical Devices have been designed to accommodate best practices for cleaning and sterilization while making it easier for Sterile Processing Departments to efficiently and compliantly manage laparoscopic instruments sets.


Designed to disassemble into just 2 subassemblies, this modular instrument line sets up SPD departments for success by reducing medical device complexity while making it easier for SPD personnel to comply with the expectations placed on them.

  • A brush may be passed through the entire length of the interior lumen for cleaning prior to sterilization
  • A line of site exists to enable visual verification of the cleanliness of the interior lumen.
  • Endoplus Modular Laparoscopic Instruments may be sterilized fully assembled.