Modular Handles

Endoplus modular lap instruments disassemble into just two pieces:
  1. Handle (which includes the tube into which the insert screws)
  2. Insert (which includes the jaw and screws into the handle's tube)


Why 2-Piece: Best Practices for Cleaning

  1. The Endoplus 2-piece system can be cleaned and decontaminated using the very same methods as traditional 3-piece laparoscopic instruments - Endoplus maintains an advantage over the competitors since the cleaning brush can be passed through both the handle AND tube lumen, whereas with traditional 3-piece systems, the brush can ONLY be passed through the tube
  2. An interior lumen brush can be pulled through the back of the handle, all the way through the distal end of the tube to remove bio-burden that accumulates during typical laparoscopic surgeries
  3. The same port that allows the brush to be pulled through also enables a line of site for visual verification of the cleanliness of the interior lumen
Easy Management:
  1. Fewer parts to manage reduces complexity in Sterilization Processing Departments
  2. Processing instruments requires no additional methods to be implemented into SPD’s; rather using traditional cleaning and sterilization techniques
  3. Fewer part numbers streamlines processes for the purposes of purchasing and inventory management